“I am motivated by the fact that my work contributes to preserving both th
precious natural heritage of the Mongolian Gobi and our ancient cultural heritage
for future generations.”

Ankhzaya Nasantogtokh, Research Assistant, ITG Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar

Donation account*

Aargauische Kantonalbank, 5001 Aarau
Beneficiary: Friends of the Wild Horse
PC account of the bank: 50-6-9
IBAN: CH07 0076 1016 0117 6052 3 (CHF account)
IBAN CH91 0076 1016 1078 6040 3 (EUR account)

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Why donate?

The ancestors of our horses must not die out!
The primeval wild horse is not a feral domestic horse, but the only surviving wild form of the horse. From once huge herds, less than 40 animals have survived in zoos. By reintroducing the takhi to their last home, you are also protecting the unique ecosystem of the Gobi Desert with numerous other rare species.

Where does my money go to?

Your money will be used exclusively for the project. Currently we invest around CHF/ USD 150.000 per year.

Support our project activities directly with an amount of your choice:

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Become a member of the "Friends of the Wild Horse" !

Adopt a Takhi Foal

This year there are numerous Takhi offspring in the Gobi B again. Please adopt a foal and support thereby the conservation of its habitat.

  • select “adopt a Takhi foal”.
  • fill in the form above.
  • if you want to suggest a name, enter it into the “Comment” field.
  • send

Thank you very much in the name of the Takhi foals in the Great Gobi B.

Friends of the Wild Horse

Who are the friends of the wild horse?

The association “Friends of the Wild Horse” acts as a donation box for ITG. It is an association under Swiss law (tax-exempt in all cantons) and its board works on a voluntary basis. The purpose of the association is to secure the reintroduction of the Wild Horse financially in the long term. The International Takhi Group (ITG) provides scientific support and coordinates our activities.
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CHF 20.-      Foal member for young people, students and apprentices (annually)
CHF 50.-      Wild horse member: private individuals (annually)
CHF 3000.-  Wild horse rescuer: private and legal persons

Recruit friends!

Promote our project among your friends and acquaintances. If you win a new member for us, you will receive a hand-carved key ring from the Biosphere Reserve Gobi B.

*Unless otherwise requested, every donation of CHF 50.- or more will be thanked for in a personal letter (if desired, a donation confirmation can also be provided for lower contributions). Donations of CHF 300.- or more will be highlighted in the annual report.