Why ITG is needed

Coordination between ITG and the Mongolian Government

In 1999, ITG was founded to coordinate the different interests of the non-Mongolian partners in the takhi’s reintroduction into the Great Gobi B, to act as their only point of contact with the Mongolian government and to turn the project into a Mongolian project step by step.

Based on an exclusive contract with the Mongolian government, ITG has been fulfilling said goals since then. The Mongolian government is constantly assuming more competencies and responsibilities for the project in the role of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

ITG has continuously adapted its strategy over the years. The focus of the takhi’s reintroduction was gradually expanded to include habitat protection and large-scale integration.

ITG acts as a specialist organization that provides its know-how to the project and contributes significantly to the financing of the project through the parallel organization “Friends of the Wild Horse“. It is important to know that all work in ITG is unpaid and that all donations flow into the activities in Mongolia.

ITG operates an office in Mongolia to coordinate projects, contacts with the government and other partners, public relations and fundraising in Mongolia. The team consists of Jamiyandorj Batsukh, executive director of ITG Mongolia, Nasantogtokh Ankhzaya, ITG research assistant and Dugarjav Munkhjargal, office manager.

ITG Activities

All activities are based on the management plan jointly developed by the Mongolian Ministry of the Environment, the Gobi B management and the ITG.

Every January, all three parties meet in Switzerland to discuss the main activities and the finances of the coming year. Based on the outcome, the ITG Mongolia and the Gobi B management develop an activity program, including a budget and a funding proposal. The financing is largely provided by the Mongolian Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the ITG, with other parties participating on a project-specific basis. The parts of the program financed by the ITG are determined by the ITG’s Board.

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