Cashmere for Future

Cashmere from the Mongolian steppe secures the future of nomads and wild horses.

On December 2, ITG together with EDELZiEGE organized an information evening on cashmere wool and its production in the Dzungarian Gobi desert. The protected area Great Gobi B is used seasonally by about 280 herder families. The herders make their living mainly by combing their cashmere goats. The cashmere wool thus obtained is then processed into beautiful and warming fashion. But how can sustainable production succeed? How can livestock numbers be reconciled with nature conservation goals? And how can socially just and ecological production be achieved?

These are the questions being addressed by an ITG working group under the motto “Cashmere for Future”. A herder cooperative founded this fall is now making a start.

In 2023, we will start a year full of new (wool) adventures.