„Christmas Fundraising“

Cashmere scarves and hats not only look stunning but also warm you in the cold winter. Give yourself or your loved ones an exclusive natural product for Christmas.

100% of the profit goes to the project “Sustainable Cashmere from the Mongolian Steppe” of the International Takhi Group.

This involves helping herders manage their pastures, promoting social justice, and enabling a decent economic income for local herders.

The herders share the idea and goals of the protected area and thus protect the Great Gobi B ecosystem, as well as the primordial wild horses.

Order your product at info@savethewildhorse.org, specifying the type of product, quantity, and color you want, as well as your shipping and billing address.

Orders are possible until November 07.

We wish you much joy with your cashmere product directly from the Mongolian steppe. You contribute to nature conservation and the protection of a unique nomadic culture.

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