Conference of the “Great Gobi 6” (GG6) initiative

This initiative aims to protect the animals of the Gobi desert, the symbols of healthy Gobi ecosystems. The GG6 initiative focuses on the following wildlife species: Wild Bactrian Camel, Gobi Bear, Takhi or Wild Horse, Khulan or Wild Ass, Saiga Antelope, and Goitered Gazelle.

Recently, the 5th conference of the GG6 initiative with governmental and non-governmental organizations, scientists, and researchers was held from November 3-5, 2021. During the conference, the parties discussed issues related to water supply for the six Gobi wildlife species and the implementation of wildlife-friendly infrastructure standards.

G. Yondon, a researcher from the International Takhi Group, and G. Dovchindorj and O. Khurelbaatar, specialists from the Zuungariin Gobi Strictly Protected Area Administration, have introduced their work on wildlife protection to the parties and exchanged experiences with other participants during the event.