Herder cooperative in the Great Gobi B

In the Great Gobi B SPA wildlife and nomadic herders co-exist and share resources. To protect the pastures for wildlife and livestock, we encourage sustainable practices for pasture management. The management of the Great Gobi B SPA and ITG are now cooperating with the Sustainable Cashmere Union to support herders with their pasture management, promote social equity and a decent economic income for herders who live in and around the protected area.

Last week, the first meetings with herders of Bij and Perm bag, of Bugat Soum, Govi-Altai have taken place. The herders fully supported the idea of forming a local cooperative with the support of SCU, ITG and Great Gobi B SPA and put this intention directly into practice.

Congratulations to the cooperative leader, the board, the control committee and all members.

Let’s protect together the ecosystem of the Great Gobi B SPA – the basis of life and living space for people and animals in this area.