News on key people

The long-time director of the Great Gobi B reserve, Oyunsaikhan Ganbaatar, resigned at the end of September 2022 to take on a new challenge in conservation.

O. Ganbaatar began working for takhi reintroduction back in 1999 – then as a biology student with Prof. Ravchig Samija, who was closely associated with the project. A takhi research program was just emerging. Ganbaatar, a man of great dedication, quickly became indispensable to the project and emerged as an outstanding takhi expert, building up an enormous wealth of experience and data over the years. His excellent networking with regional and national politicians, herders, gamekeepers and the ITG, as well as his political flair, decisively advanced the reintroduction program; a highlight was the park expansion in 2019. Ganbaatar also did a lot of information work in Mongolia and at international conferences and is widely recognized. In his new commitment, Ganbaatar will assess another area for its suitability for takhi release. At the same time, he will complete his dissertation.

ITG sincerely thanks O. Ganbaatar for 23 years of invaluable service to the cause of takhi reintroduction. We wish him and his family every success in his future endeavours!

As a result of the resignation of O. Ganbaatar, the directorate of the Great Gobi B reserve is being restaffed. Ad interim N. “Aagi” Altansukh takes over this responsible task. He comes from the hamlet of Bij on the northeastern border of the reserve and holds a Bachelor in Economics and Accounting from the International Institute of Economics and Business; a Bachelor as an Environmental Protection Ecologist from the Institute of Environmental Management; and a Master in Biology from Khovd University. He has been working since 2007 as a specialist, later senior specialist, for the reserve. He is therefore very familiar with the local conditions and stakeholders.

We congratulate N. Altansukh on his new position and look forward to a productive collaboration with him.