„We are friends of the mother earth, we are future rangers”

Under this motto, another field trip within the “Young Researcher 2022” program was organized in the Great Gobi B SPA. A total of 30 pupils from protected area buffer zone elementary schools visited the Great Gobi B SPA administration in Takhiin Tal together with their teachers. Our “young researchers” learned about the current weather and explored how to use ranger equipment like compasses and identified spoor pictures of different animals.

It was an exciting day for the children and their teachers in the Great Gobi B SPA.

Gobi Steppe Ungulate Count 2022

Last week, a highly motivated team counted wildlife in the Dzungarian Gobi Desert, with a special focus on steppe ungulates (gazelles, wild asses, and wild horses).

Wildlife counters included Great Gobi B SPA rangers, scientists from the National University of Mongolia, and an international science team from Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and ITG. A total of 34 counters spent 7 days in the Gobi and applied a distance sampling approach. For this, the counters were released on hills in the Gobi and spent 24 hours alone. Meanwhile, they counted wildlife 6 times up to a distance of 4 km in all cardinal directions.

Spending the days and nights all alone in the Gobi was exciting and special for all participants.

The counters were supported by a well-organized kitchen team, which provided the food.

The rangers were provided with binoculars by Prague Zoo and received watches from the company Fossil, which were kindly engraved by jeweler Schwarcz. ITG financed the steppe ungulate count and the ITG Mongolia team organized the whole project with the help of the protected area management. The project was scientifically accompanied by several scientists from the Inland University in Norway under the leadership of Petra Kaczensky.

Now the data are being evaluated and soon the population sizes of the steppe ungulates can be estimated.

Many thanks to all who supported this exciting project!

30th anniversary of the reintroduction of wild horses

Last weekend, the reintroduction of wild horses in Mongolia was celebrated. The formerly extinct Przewalski’s horses were reintroduced successfully to their homeland 30 years ago. Almost 1’000 wild horses are living again in Mongolia: 423 in the Great Gobi B Strictly Protected Area, 433 in the Hustain National Park, and 138 in the Khomyn tal National Park. We would like to express our gratitude to all senior workers who dedicated their youth, the representatives of the employees working today, and international organizations and projects that cooperate for the reintroduction of the takhi.

World Ranger Day

Without the rangers of the Great Gobi B SPA, the protection of the takhi would not be possible. Today we celebrate their work!

Creative ways to get youth involved in conservation

Winners of a drama performance competition as part of the “YOUNG RESEARCHER PROGRAM” launched earlier this year by ITG and the administration of Great Gobi B visited Great Gobi B this week. Students from grades VI-IX performed a play they staged based on the book “Uugan, the takhi comes home“. The children performed in front of the takhi and learned more about the Great Gobi B ecosystem from researchers and rangers.

Contract with Mongolian government extended

Minister Bat-Erdene Bat-Ulziin of the Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism (MET) has just signed a 10-year Memorandum of Understanding with the International Takhi Group and handed it over to Batsukh Jamiyandorj, Executive Director of the International Takhi Group’s Mongolia office. Many thanks to the staff of the Special Protected Areas Authority for their continued cooperation in drafting and approving the MoU.

We look back with satisfaction and pride on 30 years of reintroducing the Wild Horse to Mongolia. The reintroduction proves that even critically endangered species of megafauna, even those that are extinct in the wild, can be saved. However, this rescue can succeed only if their original ecosystems are preserved and remain functional.

ITG is looking forward to many more years of fruitful cooperation with the Mongolian government to preserve the homeland of takhi.

Takhi Post – 30 Years of Reintroduction

Read in the current Takhi Post how an idea became a success story within 30 years.

Fascination was at the root of the idea to reintroduce the wild horse to its last refuge. For centuries, Mongolians have felt a close bond with horses; they enabled the equestrian people to conquer the largest (albeit short-lived) world empire in history. They valued the untameable Primeval Wild Horses even more highly than their mounts. The wish to see them roaming the steppe again was obvious.

30th anniversary of the reintroduction of the Przewalski horse

On June 6, a press conference was held in the press conference hall of the Channel 25 television station in Ulaanbaatar to mark the 30th anniversary of the reintroduction of the Przewalski horse to Mongolia.

On June 6, 1992, the first Takhi were transported to Takhiin tal.

The press conference was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the directors of the national parks Hustai and Khomyn Tal, and the Great Gobi B strictly protected area, the representative office of the International Takhi Group, as well as the former park directors and other representatives.

Award ceremony of the “Takhi reintroduction and nature conservation” painting competition

The award ceremony of the “Takhi reintroduction and nature conservation” painting competition was successfully held on May 17, 2022, in the exhibition hall of the Mongolian Children’s Art Center.

We have received around 200 paintings from school students from the 21 aimags, and nine districts of Ulaanbaatar. 24 young artists were awarded in three categories: grades 6-7, 8-9, and 10-12.

Thanks to our supporters:

• Jet school of Mongolia

• Selbe International School

• The Mudra Art Club