In memory of Stephan Siegfried, a great nature enthusiast

Stephan Siegfried left us on October 9, 2023. The thoughts of the International Takhi Group are with his family, and we share the sorrow over the loss of an amiable and dedicated friend.

As the son of the co-founder of the ITG, it was Stephan’s great concern to support the reintroduction of Przewalski’s horses in Mongolia through the Jean-Pierre und Sonja Siegfried Foundation, of which he was the president. Six years ago, he seized the opportunity to visit the passion project of his parents, Jean-Pierre and Sonja Siegfried, in Mongolia. He was excited to see ‘his father’s Takhi’ but was equally interested in Mongolia’s plants and other wildlife, especially his beloved birds.

Because of his love for nature and diverse people, he was able to easily form friendships in Mongolia. He was enthralled by the stories of the rangers and nomads, yet equally captivated them in return when he spoke enthusiastically of his many other journeys and encounters with animals.

Stephan, your enthusiasm, your inspiring and humorous, yet demanding personality, will continue to accompany us in our thoughts and support us in our work in Mongolia. Thank you, Stephan, farewell!